Content Planning and Strategy

Who has time for planning and strategy when there’s so much work to be done, right?

Yeah, we know – it’s so tempting to just dive in when you’re a business owner. (We’re entrepreneurs, too. We get it.) You want a slick website and clever copy, and at Seaworthy Digital we want you to have them. We also want to be sure we’re building the right ecosystem for all that pretty stuff to thrive.

Let’s put this in non-web terms for a moment. Let’s say you’re building a house.

Sounds great, right? Well, you can’t have any of that without a blueprint – and that’s content planning and strategy. Build without a plan and you may end up with – at best – an online version of the Winchester Mystery House. At worst, you’d constantly be halting forward progress to go back and fix something that broke or deal with circumstances for which you hadn’t prepared. That’s no way to live – or work.

Our development and content teams work together to help you plan weeks and months ahead, anticipating both obstacles and opportunities, in order to make building your online house a smoother process. We know this doesn’t seem like the most exciting part – it’s the part countless web developers skip – and we believe it’s a crucial step.


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