Content and Copy

Once upon a time, the word “content” was most typically used to describe a state of happiness, or seen on an early page of your favorite book. Nowadays, the web world has co-opted “content” and made it so prevalent that we want to take a moment to define what it even means anymore.

In the broadest sense of the term, “content” is anything you’re consuming online – words, images, video, etc. All those different pieces work best when they work together, but also when each can stand on its own. You’ll attract different people through video than you will through words, for instance, so each needs to tell your story in its own unique way.

At Seaworthy Digital, we love content.

We swoon over eye-catching pictures and well-produced videos, and we’ve been known to fawn over well-chosen words. We enjoy getting into the nuances of different content for different audiences and different platforms, including web copy, blog posts, and social media. Taken together, the right content elements will both beautify your online home and tell visitors why they should care about your business.



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Content Planning for SEO

Let us get to know you, your business, and your audience. We’ll tell your story in your voice. After all, we want you to be content with your content. (Sorry. The resident wordsmith couldn’t resist.)

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