When we decided to start a new digital agency, one of the first questions was naturally the name. This name was going to be on our website, but also on our invoices, our business cards, and come up in just about every work-related conversation for the foreseeable future. We knew we needed to get it right.

Seaworthy, according to Merriam-Webster, means “fit or safe for a sea voyage”.

A ship in Amsterdam harbor

But this is a word, we think, that carries more weight than its dictionary definition. It’s a standard of quality and preparation, measured against its ability to withstand an uncertain and sometimes even dangerous environment. For something to be truly worthy of the sea, it has to be strong, steady, and flexible. Ready for anything. That’s exactly what we want our products and services to be, because the web and the business world are pretty unpredictable too.

In setting this goal as a priority for our work, there’s a risk of sacrificing beautiful design for sturdy usefulness. But we believe that good design is both useful and beautiful, and that rather than competing, these two values are natural allies.

As I write this, we are just getting our new site and brand online. But I wanted the first thing written on this site to be about why and how we work, even before we talk about what we do. Start with the right foundation, and you can build incredible things. We’re excited to show you what your own website and business can do. Stay tuned.