About Us

Who We Are & What We Do

Seaworthy Digital is a marketing agency based in Portland, Oregon. We’re equal parts coding and content, and we strive to maintain the perfect balance between the two for your online presence.

Want more than the TL;DR version? Keep reading. The word nerd will be happy you did.

Code can be beautiful. Words matter a great deal. When you make thoughtful word choices, strategic design, and smart code part of a unified process you end up with something exponentially better than when each one is handled separately.

Seaworthy Digital brings a combined 20+ years of experience creating websites to the party. Our code and content teams work together closely, which ensures a more holistic approach to web development and means you’re getting more work accomplished with just one point of contact.

We’ll work with you to build the right online home for your business – one that’s as intuitive to navigate for your grandmother as it is for your smarty-pants nine-year-old cousin.

We’re entrepreneurs. We’ve been freelancers, too. We totally get what it means to run a small business, or even a business of one. If the word “delegate” feels like a far-off dream, we want to remind you that hiring experts is delegating. Let Seaworthy Digital take the often confusing worlds of web development, community management, and SEO strategy off your plate.

Concentrate on the things you do best – growing your business – and we’ll handle all that web stuff, from code to copy.

Let’s work together to create an integrated digital marketing strategy to move your business forward, shall we?

The Actual Humans

We stand behind the notion that together, we’re greater than the sum of our parts. And? We also get a kick out of knowing more about the Actual Humans behind companies we patronize ourselves. If you’re anything like us, then, here’s a little bit about Seaworthy Digital’s Actual Humans.

Ian Rose
Director and Head Developer

Ian has been developing websites and making them work better for well over a decade. His specialties are WordPress SEO and security, but he has developed plugins and themes for most of the biggest platforms on the web (WP, Squarespace, Wix, etc) and maintained sites for businesses ranging from one-person blogs to large corporations. When he isn’t coding, Ian is usually hiking, birding, writing fiction, or trying to coax a few more tomatoes out of his garden.

Jessica Spiegel
Content Director

Jessica is Seaworthy’s resident word nerd. She has opinions about the Oxford comma and the use of “and” versus “but,” and she loves the thesaurus. She’s been a web writer for more than a dozen years, and genuinely enjoys copywriting in a client’s voice (it’s sort of like playing dress up, only with words). She’s passionate about the power of community, wherever it lives. When she’s not writing, Jessica is probably knitting. (Scratch that, she’s definitely knitting.) Jessica loves Italy, pho, traveling, Sazeracs, the Portland Timbers, and altruism.